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Our aim is to provide a flexible timing solutions.


Integrate with various Live Streams and real time results.

Reliable Results

Cloud based solutions with redunacy at various points.

Mobii Elite Timing offers a complete timing package, form registration to results.
From small 50 participant time trials, Triathlons, Cycling stage Races to marathons with tens of thousands of runners.

We offer a real-time cloud-based results solution that is robust, scalable and flexible, with accurate results whilst simultaneously providing event organisers the flexibility to manage participant and course changes with ease.

Advanced Integration

The Live results API, this means that all timing data can be ingested into TV Broadcast systems for instant results that are integrated into streaming video platforms. This feature is usually suited to larger events and requires additional setup.

Live Stream Sample

Photo Finish

Branded photo finish of each participant linked to social media.
Each participant will be able to view their sponsor branded photo finish image online when they view their results. They can then share this online via social media.

Self-result Check Stations

Self-result check stations can be setup at events where participants can enter their name and their provisional result with photo of their finish will be displayed immediately. The system is able to request and distribute all GPS time encoded images from the timing system to any location on the network at the event. These images can also be used for social media purposes.